Max Edwards Company, LLC, is a Human Resources (HR) and business consulting firm that focuses on professional development at all levels of an organization. Identifying and cultivating talent across teams or individually are where most companies fail the long term challenge to remain competitive and viable. We are a collective of recruiters and executives with over 60 years of combined experience working for some of the most well-known brands in the world, such as Lockheed Martin, Disney, Fox, GE, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, and Ford. 


We provide timely talent assessments and project-based development programs for you. Whether you are seeking individualized career support, a leader of an established company or launching your first start-up, our team collaborates to design strategies to meet your core business objectives and corresponding workforce needs.


With a deep commitment towards career development, Max Edwards Company understands there is no substitute for real-life experience, so we advocate for a "learn by doing" training philosophy. Real-life experience leads to mastery of process and success that can be replicated. 

Through our training, you'll receive valuable experience in:


  • Self-Analysis

  • Data gathering and process assessment

  • The methodology of practicing best practices or replicating high performance

  • Preparing to improvise; awareness of typical barriers, or pitfalls

  • Develop a mindset for continuous learning and improvement


Our consulting method and training approach is called Career Architecture and together they effectively develop qualified talent pools for any workforce needs.


 We believe in the statement, "CAREERS ARE MADE BY GIVING!"

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