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Unlock The Power Of The Creator Economy!

Traditional media is fading. Today's consumers follow creators, not commercials.  Gen Z and Alpha make purchase decisions based on who they trust.  92% of TikTok users take action based on creator recommendations.  


The Creator Economy is booming, projected to reach $480 billion by 2027.

Are you ready to tap into this massive audience and turn social media engagement into real sales?**


We identify and curate creators tailored to your brand needs. Through data-driven creative coaching and collaboration, we equip the creators to deliver high-quality content that is on-brand, amplifies your value proposition, and creates maximum audience engagement and GMV.

Creator competitions include our signature, Creators Championship Series. Our revolutionary competition formats authentically connect brands with high-performing creators.  We leverage their creativity and engaged communities to amplify your brand message, drive sales, and establish a native presence on social platforms.


Join us and unlock the power of the Creator Economy! Contact us to learn more.

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More Revenue Is A Creator Collaboration Away


Fuel Creator Growth & Brand Advocacy:

Focus on long-term brand-building

Re-Energize Affiliate Creator Programs: 

Focusing on short-term campaign success


Build Authentic Brand Advocacy with Creators.

Invest in our thriving creator community to cultivate long-term partnerships and organic brand loyalty.

Get involved in our Education & Skill Development workshops and training.


​Boost Social Commerce Sales With Creator Campaigns.


​Your marketing team just got larger! We help you unlock the power of data-driven creator campaigns to amplify your brand and drive sales.

This service leverages our expanding creator base for immediate impact.


Launch Brands & Conduct Product Testing:

Focus on strategic launch and optimization

MEC works with companies to develop the right strategies to launch their presence on social platforms, specifically TikTok.


This service utilizes insights from the creator community to refine your brand's social media presence and product offerings.

our creators for product testing and marketing message optimization to ensure successful brand launches.

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