Competition for skilled professionals has reached a crisis level for many employers. There is also fierce competition for professionals, recent graduates, and experienced workers transitioning to new careers. With a growing number of jobs going unfilled, there must be a solution for this scarcity of talent and opportunity. We must build sustainable communities that produce high-performing pools of talent and opportunity.

Max Edwards Company was built on the philosophy of mass abundance. We empower professionals to see their skills, experiences, and achievements differently. By elevating your perceived value, employers will feel empowered to consider you from a new point of view.


Career success is a formula! If the formula for career success is practiced regularly, with aggressive intent, professionals and employers have the power to participate in and build high-performing teams. 


Max Edwards Company Offers Professionals:

  • A clear understanding of the business of media and evolving career landscape

  • Self-analysis training to gain a better understanding of your background and skill set

  • Opportunities to expand your project experience and network

  • Creation and enhancements to competitive resumes and interviewing techniques

For Employers, Max Edwards Company Offers:

  • Recruiting strategies to establish larger skilled candidate pools

  • Brand consultation to establish a more diverse and inclusive culture 

  • Project-oriented Development training that also promotes brand strategies

  • Collaboration with community-based resources and talent sources (Colleges, Professional Groups, Industry Associations) to build more sustainable communities


Career Architecture is a signature entrepreneurial training offered by Max Edwards Company to individuals and companies seeking to improve productivity, increase engagement, and mastery of best practices. 


Our project-oriented learning and assessment training supports career discovery and empowerment to self-determine goals and successful outcomes.

Focusing on self-analysis, seeking subject matter experts, and self-directed development, we create a safe space for you to practice best practices.

Max Edwards Company's Career Architecture strategies take the mystery out of achieving career success. We develop entrepreneurs, not workers!


Brian is the Co-Founder & President of Max Edwards Company. MEC is a business consulting and professional development firm specializing in growth and engagement strategies for companies, communities, and individual professionals. 


Brian has nearly 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience working for some of the largest media and entertainment brands in the world. (i.e., Universal Studios, House of Blues, Disney, Warner Bros., FOX Sports) Over his tenure in television, Brian led diverse teams that planned and executed major projects such as the launch of nine new broadcast and cable networks.


Following his career in corporate, Brian made the pivot to consulting where he leverages recruiting expertise and professional development strategies to help businesses build high-performing teams. Over the past four years, Brian has expanded his services to business development and strategic advisement for corporations, foundations, and non-profits. Our flagship program is the AT&T Veterans Media Fellowship, which is in its second year and has doubled in size.



MEC conceives, delivers, and amplifies recruiting and talent development strategies that maximize ROI. Our approach is to inspire entrepreneurial endeavors and build the workforce to support them.